Monday, August 26, 2013

It's That Time Again- Back to School!

College Tips

Hello all,

Well it's just about that time, eh? All of us students are returning back to our respective alma maters to begin another year of study. For myself, this is the beginning of my last year in undergraduate school, so this year is my final chance to finish another year strong. Speaking of doing strong in school, I've got a quick little 3-point list for those of us who are returning to keep our focus this year and remind you what we've probably forgotten over the summer. So without further adieu, here is my best 3 tips for getting back into the swing of everything with school, studying, etc:

  • Treat school like a job. Many of us who may not have held a job over the summer may have forgotten that our true job is school, so let's just go ahead and stick that back into our heads. Yes, school is just like your job. So, a few things: don't drink on the job, don't not pull your weight at the job, and don't expect other people to do your work for you or for things to be easy. Fall semester is always the hardest for me, so it's especially essential that we remember "school is our job" early.
  • Do new things. If you're a returning student, it's very easy to simply fall back into how things were the previous year. Don't do this. College is about growing as a person, and a huge part of that is doing new things. Set a goal for yourself to do at least 1 major new things per semester, whether that be doing a new sport, joining a new club, taking a unique class, etc.
  • Have fun. Yep, I know I just told you to treat school like your job, but you also have to remember to have fun. College without having fun is probably one of the worst experiences that anyone who has ever been to college can attest to. So remember to have fun, but be responsible with your fun. Don't do stupid things that might harm yourself or others and don't do things that might get you kicked out of school. If you did that, then all of this good advice that I'm sending your way is totally useless, and that would not be cool man.
So there you have it! School is back in session, and it's time to get down to business. Let's have a great school year everyone. College is one of the best times of our lives, so make the most of it.



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