Tuesday, February 26, 2013

5 Things to Take Advantage of at Your College

College Tips

So you're in college. Congratulations, you are now in the top 20% of Americans in terms of education. College is a wonderful time to find yourself, learn what you want to do in terms of your career, meet lifelong friends, learn to enjoy learning (it had to happen sometime people), and many other things. The many college and universities across America are some of the leading institutes of higher learning in the entire world; yet many of the people I know that are currently in college are probably only utilizing about 60% of what their school has to offer. College can be a great thing, but you have to make it a great thing. There are 5 main things that I have identified that the people in college I know either do not know exists at their school, or they just plain don't take advantage of it. Without further adieu, I present you with my list of those 5 things:

1.Fitness/athletic/gym facilities. The number one thing that is offered at most colleges that students consistently do not take advantage of are the gyms. Top excuses for not using the gym include: "I don't know how to", "I don't have enough time", "I'm not a gym person", etc. As you may have noticed, these all seemed to start with "I don't", and that is something that when I hear people say, I tend to think otherwise. As with most other things, the hardest part about going the gym is actually getting up out of your dorm room and going there. Once you've done that and you've seen what you can accomplish with a few hours a week at the gym, you'll want to go regularly. Most college students are in terrible health from the massive amounts of : either junk food or lack of food, poor hygiene, massive amounts of consistent sedentary activities, etc. What a gym will give you is a way to improve yourself physically, which in turn will do wonders for you mentally and emotionally.

2. Dining facilities. This one is one that I notice is either under utilized almost all the time, or not at all. Now, I know school cafeteria food can sometimes be atrocious, but that does not mean you can't do some simple things to make it better or try to hit it up on the days with good food. I won't go into detail here, but if your dining hall offers basic things like condiments, salt, pepper, lemons or limes, dressings, etc., then there is an entire world of things you can do to improve your meal. If you have most any kind of baked or grilled chicken served, take a bit of Caesar dressing, squeeze lemon into it, and then put a good amount of black pepper onto the chicken. This is an easy fix for plain chicken that needs some work. Do a few Google searches on ways that you can improve meals with basic condiments and other ingredients. Combine this with using the dining hall on days where they typically prepare good, fresh food and your college dining experience will take quantum leaps.

3. Academic help centers. This is the one that makes me cringe when I hear that people don't take advantage of on their campus. For those of you who have any kind of difficulty with academics at school, I guarantee that there is a resource for you somewhere on campus to help you out. Don't let your pride or stupidity get in the way of getting the grade you want. While we are on the subject, the phrase 'get the grade you deserve' is misleading to many of us. The grade we deserve is usually correlated to the amount of work we put into getting the grade that is assigned to us. If you put in C-level work, you will probably get a C. Now, this is not true in every instance. Hard work and studying forever don't always pay off. That's a hard truth, but its a truth nonetheless. However, the academic resources you have access to on campus are filled with people who want to help you get the grade you want. The thing that is stopping many of you from getting that grade is taking the first step. I don't mean that figuratively, I mean the first step as in walking to the help center.

4. Campus events. This is one that is not as important as some of the others, but it has it's own merits in and of itself. On your campus right now, there are probably fun, free, and fulfilling events that are going on at this moment. Take some time to scan the huge bulletin boards across you campus or talk to your friends about what is going on around campus. The events that many schools offer include: seminars, concerts, dramas, presentations, expos, job fairs, etc. These kinds of events will expose you to all kinds of cultures, people, lifestyles, occupations, and many other things that will help you be well-rounded as a person.

5. Recreation centers. This last one is just for fun. Somewhere on your campus, there is a place that probably has some if not all of the following: ping pong tables, Foosball tables, pools, televisions, gaming centers, couches, air hockey tables, etc. The library at your school also probably has a pretty good selection of DVDs, so there is a lot of relaxing activities that your campus has to offer. All of us college students are pretty much broke for the duration of our four year stay (unless you followed my tips in a previous post, of course), so taking advantage of the FREE entertainment around campus on the weekends or afternoons is a preferable alternative to going out and blowing all the cash we have...which is to say, none. So go ahead, head over to your campus rec center and enjoy some fun times with friends. You've earned it.

There you have it guys. I have found that these are 5 areas in college that most people don't know exist, or don't take advantage of properly. Doing these things will enrich your college experience so you don't look back on it with regret/disgust/disdain, and many that have passed/not passed usually do.



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